Interview With Arsenio Hall And His Return To Late Night

Arsenio Hall
1. Why come back to Late-night? Were there other worlds to conquer?
2. Is your son excited for your show to return?
3. What have you missed the most about hosting a late-night show?
4. Will your new show focus on serious topics in addition to pop culture, as your original show did?
5. What do you love about being a late-night TV host?
6. How will the new show differ from the original?
7. Will the Dog Pound return?
8. What acts are you interested in bringing to the new show?
9. Is there an interview moment you’re looking forward to in the new season?
John Ferriter – Executive Producer
1. Is Arsenio ready to take on late-night again after such a long hiatus?
2. What are some of the music acts that got their break on the original The Arsenio Hall Show?
3. Will Arsenio have the same energy in the new show?

Neal Kendall – Executive Producer
1. Arsenio introduces Neal
2. What are the challenges of building a late-night show?
3. What tools do you have at your disposal to create the show now versus when the original show aired?
Robin DiMaggio – Music Director for The Posse (The Arsenio Hall Show House Band)
1. Will Arsenio interact with The Posse in a similar way as he did in the original show?
2. Will you break new music acts?
3. How will music guests work with The Posse?

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