A New Natural Allergy Treatment?

If you are suffering from allergies you are not alone. It is one of the worst allergy seasons in years. But if you hate allergy medicines, you may have a new natural option.

Lorena Quiroga, an allergy sufferer said, "I think one of the great dreams is really to have a house that has a front yard and a back yard where you can plant a garden..."

But Lorena's flowers trigger her allergies.

"It's almost impossible to go outside without having the complications; the sneezing, the hay fever, the sore throat," Lorena said.

They are symptoms that get in the way of her work, her duties as a mom and and her social life. Conventional medicine she tried only made it worse.

"I felt sleepy, very drowsy and as a mom I have to be active and it hindered me a little bit," said Lorena.

Then a friend recommended a new natural remedy called Zarbee's made from the butterbur plant.

"I felt that this was the medication that didn't give me the side-effects, the drowsiness and it was effective," Lorena explained.

Dr. Zak Zarbock, CEO of Zarbee's Naturals said, "In three separate clinical trials it was found to be as effective if not more effective than the current allergy medicines available without the side effects."

While more long term studies are done the safest way to get the benefits is make sure it doesn't interfere with other medicines you're on.

And just to be sure we asked Dr. Peter Huynh to review the butterbur studies currently in place. He told us it might cause some stomach problems and and overall, "none of these herbal remedies are regulated by the FDA so you really don't know what you are getting with each batch"

But Lorena, who was found through Facebook and is not associated with the company, says that in this case a natural remedy is finally getting her back into nature.

"So now that I have it under control. thank god. I can do the vegetable garden that I promised my kids that we would do," said Lorena.

Zarbee's is on drug store shelves. The doctor's advice?

Don't stop prescription medications without talking to your doctor first. Start slowly and stop at the first sign of side effects.

Make sure the pharmacist checks to make sure it won't interact with any other medication you are taking.

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