Annette Funicello is probably the most famous Mouseketeer to ever wear those mouse "ears". She grew up, became a movie star, and even recorded a few hit records. But 25 years ago, she developed chronic and progressive multiple sclerosis. Now Funicello's husband is reaching out to her fans to help find a cure. Annette Funicello was a child superstar, first as a
Mouseketeer, later as a teen film idol. But at age 50, Annette revealed she had multiple sclerosis slipping from public view. Annette can no longer walk or speak ... the price of progressive multiple sclerosis. Her husband Glen Holt said Annette tried almost every treatment for ms to no avail.  But he is intrigued by a new theory about ms. Tests showed that Annette has blocked veins in her neck leading to poor blood flow from her brain. It's a condition called CCSVI. There's no proof this unusual condition is playing a role in her ms. Still Glen asked doctors to treat her with what's been dubbed the liberation treatment. They opened the blocked veins with a small balloon-letting blood drain out. In the year since the procedure, Glen says he's seen small improvements.
Her doctor though isn't sure the treatment has made a difference. Still, Glen wants to help scientists learn more about the new theory - the reason why he is now reaching out to her fans.

For more information on Annette's MS Fund, click here

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