Facelift Dentistry

Lotions, lasers, peels, and even surgery.  There are endless ways to fight aging.
How about a visit to your dentist?
“This is one of the only procedures that you can benefit from a health perspective and look 10 years younger,” Sam Muslin, DDS, FaceLift Dentistry, Santa Monica, Calif., told Ivanhoe.
Dr. Muslin performs his trademarked “facelift dentistry” procedure where he analyzes the unhealthy bites, and jaw position. Unlike veneers, venlays cover the whole tooth.
“Veneers are only about the smile, and you’re only smiling three or four percent of the time,” Dr. Muslin explained.
The venlays add length to the teeth and stretch the face, so wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out. They also align the patient’s bite.
“You’ve permanently changed that patient’s jaw position for the better,” Dr. Muslin said.
There’s no cutting and no surgery. Patients report improved digestion, improved speaking ability, less jaw pain, grinding, headaches, and reduced sleep problems. However, it’s pricey. Costs range from $35,000 to $80,000.
Barbara had the procedure performed on her upper teeth.
“I had headaches, and my teeth were just wrong,” Barbara told Ivanhoe. “They just didn’t fit my face.”
“What we were able to do is give her a better neckline,” Dr. Muslin explained. “Her chin is now farther from her nose.”
Now her headaches are gone and Barbara feels like she can put her best face forward.
“Yeah, it’s fabulous,” Barbara said.
Barbara plans on getting her lower teeth done soon. The procedure typically takes about two weeks from start to finish.

FACELIFTS: In 2011, facelifts were the most popular cosmetic procedures and on average the most expensive.  A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck.  Many people who consider this procedure want to correct sagging in the middle of the face, loss of muscle tone in the lower face, deep creases below the lower eyelid, fat that has fallen, deep creases along the nose extending to the mouth, or loose skin under the chin and jaw.  A facelift consultation will be conducted before the surgery can take place.  Certain things have to be discussed for safety purposes; for instance, why they want the surgery, what medical conditions they have, what previous surgeries they have experienced, and what medications they are on.  (Source: www.plasticsurgery.org)
DENTAL HYGIENE AND YOUR HEALTH: There is a strong relationship between your oral health and your overall health.  Bacteria from untreated gum disease can actually spread infection to other parts of your body. Pregnant women may be at a particular risk. Some neo-dental conditions have symptoms that appear in the mouth.  A dental exam can reveal signs of osteoporosis, vitamin deficiencies, or other serious conditions like oral cancer or diabetes.  (Source: www.1800dentist.com/regular-dental-visits/)
NEW TECHNOLOGY: Sam Muslin, DDS has created a technique called FaceLift Dentistry to give patients better dental health and a better appearance. Instead of treating individual teeth one at a time with crowns and veneers, Dr. Muslin uses his patented Venlays to fix all of the teeth and the entire bite. He first removes all of the old crowns and fillings, then he asses the patient’s face and bite. He then uses the Venlays to treat the whole arc at the same time. The procedure requires no surgery and no fillings. Dr. Muslin creates a unique set of Venlays for each patient, in order to optimize their bite and facial structure. Apart from improved appearance and dental hygiene, Dr. Muslin has seen the FaceLift Dentistry procedure improve migraine symptoms, snoring, and even sleep apnea. (Source:Dr. Sam Muslin)

FaceLift Dentistry

Sam Muslin, DDS, talks about how his FaceLift Dentistry method could be the fountain of youth.

You’ve created something that could change dentistry?
Dr. Muslin: I’ve created something that could change patient’s lives.  These patients are reducing problems related to their health and the aging process.  Dentistry is the only treatment that can improve the shape of the patient’s faces.  Patients benefit enormously from this type of treatment because the health benefits of Face Lift Dentistry® help them live longer and healthier lives. 
And you’re basically giving them sort of a face-lift and a health makeover with no shots, no scalpel, no grinding, no drill? 
Dr. Muslin:  Yes, if they do not have any fillings, crowns or veneers, their facial profile and their unhealthy bite can be treated with Venlays® which require no drilling or shots for most people.  If they have existing crowns or old fillings, we want to replace them, so we do need to numb them.  Any healthy teeth in their mouth stay intact and do not require shots or drilling. Face Lift Dentistry® is the master plan of dentistry. Rather than treating one tooth here and one crown here and six porcelain veneers years later, let’s do all of the upper teeth at one time and match them perfectly in all dimensions. For the first time in your life, your bite will augment your face; everything is built to optimize your facial structure.
And so what do you do? 
Dr. Muslin: When a patient comes in, we’re assessing their face, their profile, the chin position, we’re listening to him talk and doing our health workup and TMJ evaluation.  The Face Lift Dentistry® method with Venlays® is one of the only procedures where you can benefit enormously from a health perspective and look 10 years younger with permanent facial support.  We are building the optimized bite, establishing the ideal jaw position and supporting the face with the teeth which acts as the fountain of youth.
So what is this procedure called and why is it different than normal veneers?   
Dr. Muslin: Well, normal veneers do not change your bite, cannot improve your facial profile, cannot improve your facial proportions and cannot change the shape of your face.  With veneers, you cannot change the bite or three dimensionally get the jaw in optimal position. With porcelain veneers, usually the dentist is still grinding the enamel off the teeth. Veneers are only about the smile, and 95% of the time you are not smiling. Most of the time you’re talking, at rest or you’re eating which leaves you with the aging face. The idea of, what I call Face Lift Dentistry®, is that we’re building your face to its optimal proportions. We’re getting your chin in the best position to improve your facial profile. We’re building the support for you to look youthful and vibrant 100 percent of the time.
Plus there’s no grinding or anything? There’s no surgery?
Dr. Muslin: That’s right. With Venlays®, you don’t need the grind the teeth at all and there is no surgery.  In fact I’ve had patients in their 70’s that have had no fillings in their mouth and we were able to completely build them a new bite and not even give them a dental injection, because it’s pain free.  There is no surgery. There are no fillers.  It is the optimization of the patient’s health and appearance through optimizing the position of their jaw by working on the teeth.
And how long does it take?  
Dr. Muslin:  Patients stay in Santa Monica for a couple of days if you want to start immediately and then you return a couple of weeks later for a couple days for them to be bonded. My VIP patients get it done in a week.  The first visit is assessing, developing, and working on removing old dentistry if necessary, putting in temporaries, testing the new face, getting the new bite, new jaw position, and there’s science behind how we develop that. This isn’t just guesswork. This usually takes about 4 hours the first day and if all goes well only about an hour the second day.  Then when they come back in two weeks, you can just slide the Venlays® on their teeth and now you get to see yourself for the first time with a wider smile, better lip support, better facial support, optimally built to your facial structure.  You can make some changes too.  This is the beauty of the non-invasive Face Lift Dentistry® method with Venlays®, the patient has direct imput.
Then they come back and they are put on permanently, is that right?
Dr. Muslin: Yes, they can be put on that day if we’ve saved enough time.  Sometimes we just save enough time for them to try it in, in case they want to change something, so we can send it back to the lab overnight.  Any changes are done very quickly, so we can move forward quickly without extra plane flights. Sometimes, if they love the Venlays® and I’m willing to stay late, I’ll put it all in and then we see them the next day and then start on the lower teeth.  Most patients want it quickly, painlessly and wonderful results in as short a period of time as possible. 
There are also other health benefits, kind of talk to me about that; walk me through how your jaw affects your health?
Dr. Muslin: If you have an unhealthy bite, you will gradually experience more facial collapse, look older than you should, you’re going to grind your teeth more or you’re going to clench more.  You will have more head and neck tension.  With deep overbites there’s not enough room for your tongue, so you’re most likely going to snore, you’re going to wake up more often during the night, and you have no idea it is because of your unhealthy bite. According to the studies, about every hour and a half during your sleep cycle, you clench for about five minutes, and if there is no room for your tongue, you’re probably going to wake up.  You will have sleep problems, bite problems, jaw problems, chewing inefficiency and more facial collapse.  You will get premature aging. 
So do you think a lot of sleep apnea could be cured this way?  
Dr. Muslin: It depends on the severity of the sleep apnea. I’ve had patients where they’ve had sleep apnea and they’re waking up at night, which are no longer waking up at night after treatment. I’ve had a patient who used to have insomnia for the last eight or nine years and she is sleeping better. So the point would be if you wake up seven times at night and now you only wake up two; that’s a big improvement. 
And what about migraines?  
Dr. Muslin: Some patients suffer from migraines purely because of an unhealthy bite, which is a mechanical problem. Most of us did not get the best bite for our facial structure and we never knew it during the entire course of our life because the only thing we know is the bite we have. When the jaw is in the wrong place, migraine headaches can result.  Even if they had braces and have straight teeth, their jaw, three dimensionally could still be in the wrong place. The idea here is minimizing mechanical stress on the body by idealizing the patient’s bite and jaw position, which can reduce the severity and frequency of migraines.  These patients have better proportioned faces, improved facial profiles and have permanent facial support that prevents premature aging.  Why not look and feel younger than all of your friends?

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