Healthy and Active at Any Age

   Will Nicklas and his wife Glenda make the trip to the gym three days a week. Will is an Air Force Veteran who's always tried to eat right and work out. Will is 81 years young, and 3 days a week he hops on the treadmill and runs 6 miles at a 6.5 percent incline.

    "It makes me feel much better. It may prolong my life I don't know. But when we come up here every other day. I feel better all day than the days I don't. It makes me feel better to work out."

    He runs several 5k's every year, and says even in your 80's it's not too late to get started.

    "I think its beneficial for almost everyone to have some kind of a work out program. I think they should get someone to show them how to use the equipment, check with their doctors and then start very slowly."

    Will says checking in with his doctor is very important.

    "I run at 6 mph hour now, my cardiologist says I shouldn't run any more than that. I have to watch my pulse. I don't get over 140 on my pulse rate."

    Glenda has an age advantage over her husband. She is only 80 and she walks alongside him 3 days a week. She says since she started she's noticed a big difference.

    Will and Glenda  say don't let your age get in the way of a fit lifestyle, no matter how old you are, you will feel young at heart.

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