Heart Disease Symptons Can Vary

    Heart disease risk factors, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, stress and obesity are all things that are manageable through diet, lifestyle changes or medication.
    Experts say making small changes today can help reduce your risk. Heart disease can lurk in the body for years without any outward physical signs. Even symptoms of a heart attack can be extremely vague in women.
    Cadiologist Fardin Djafari says, "Women have smaller arteries, and they may have clogged arteries so they may not present with typical chest pains."
    Symptoms can include fatigue, heartburn, short of breath, stomach pain, dizziness nausea, back or neck pain. Symptoms that you might overlook or dismiss.
    Dr. Djafari says, "Pay attention to the little symptoms you may be having and consult your doctor."
    Heart disease is the number one killer of women but experts say most of the time it is preventable.


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