Kids Doctor: Stop Bullying

- Every day, thousands of children wake up afraid to go to school.  (pause)  Bullying has become an overwhelming problem among children and the number of kids being bullied continues to rise.

Caroline Goldman author of "Bullied" knows this first hand. Her daughter was the victim of repeated attacks by a bully. "If someone writes a mean facebook status or tweet and people keep re-tweeting it or like on it all those bystanders are essentially acting as bullies too. Now you may have 100 people who agree that she is ugly or a slut or that she is not important".

As parents we know our kids will not openly say they are being bullied. What are the tell tale signs to look for? Unexplained bruises, clingy behavior, withdrawing from friends, a text or email that makes them agitated or emotionally uncomfortable.

Many parents worry abut cyberbullying because it can be very threatening, sent anonymously and can happen day or night, 24/7Parents need to be reading texts and having conversations with their kids. 

Parents, school administrators and teachers need to intervene and put a stop to this now!

Goldman said "any school can put an anti-bullying program in place but it really means nothing unless the day-to-day actions in the classroom reinforce those beliefs. You can have a program in place but if your teachers don't step up and say hey that's not ok when they hear kids treat each other cruelly it means nothing."

Be a stakeholder and get involved.  If your child's school does not have an anti-bullying policy in place, lobby to get one now.  No child should go to school in fear. 

I'm Dr. Sue with TKD helping parents take charge.

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