Man Gets 200 Pound Tumor Removed

(KGET) Larry West lived with a massive tumor for 14 years. His insurance wouldn't cover having it removed. But, last August, he changed insurance companies and changed his life.

West has had two surgeries to remove the mass. There is far less of him now, but he's gaining his life back.

"I was about to accept the fact that was the way my life was going to be," said West of his condition a year ago.

Last August, West could hardly move with the giant growth hanging from his waist to the floor. And when he did move, it was painful.

But after two surgeries to remove the mass, one in August of 2013 and the most recent this May, West is back in physical therapy. He is moving, sitting and standing, and even walking, steps he'd nearly given up on.

"I didn't have a life before," said West. "I couldn't even go to the movies. I couldn't do nothing. You know, I want to go to the ball games and movies. I want to go fishing."

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