Out of This World Discoveries are Helping Patients

When astronaut Scott Kelly blast into space in 2015, he'll be a living, breathing medical experiment...helping researchers figure out the physical and psychological impact of living on the International Space Station for one full year.
 What they discover could help future astronauts survive a two year round trip to Mars.
 Meanwhile there is other out of this World work that is being done to help patients with common health problems.
 An ingestible pill thermometer was developed for astronauts.
 Now it is helping make sure athletes, troops and firefighters don't die from heat exhaustion.
 A heart pump inspired by rocket engines keeps patients waiting for heart transplants alive.
 Even purified water systems designed for the space shuttle are making their way into our dentist's office and there's more to come from the final frontier.
 For more on these out of the World discoveries watch this story now.

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