Smart Woman - Chef's Corner: Pure Knead For Gluten-Free

One in 100 Americans have celiac disease, a digestive condition that leaves them unable to tolerate gluten. That used to mean no pasta, no cereal, and no bread! But with a little creativity, you can bake gluten-free.

From the mixing to the baking, there's nothing like fresh bread! But for years Michelle Kelly's son couldn't eat wheat because of a gluten allergy.

So Michelle created "Pure Knead", a bakery that steers clear of gluten, dairy, soy, peanut, tree nut, and shellfish.

Michelle says baking without gluten can be tricky. One secret? Use a blend of gluten-free flours. Another secret is in the oil.

For a simple flatbread combine potato, tapioca, millet, sorghum, and cornstarch flours. Add some salt, sugar, yeast, and xanthan gum. Mix them, then add warm water and olive oil and mix some more. Spoon the dough into a pan, cover and let it rise for about 40 minutes. Sprinkle olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt on top and bake for about 25 minutes. Avoid preservatives and additives if you can.

Michelle says don't expect it to taste the same. "The comparison should not be this is not what I'm used to. The comparison should be, 'Wow, this tastes really good.'"

Another tip is don't buy mixes of flours. Buy base flours instead and then blend them together yourself. So, if you're looking for potato starch, make sure there's only potato starch listed in the ingredients.

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