FIT-ting Into Your Swimsuit

    You may already have done it, pulled on your bathing suit to head to your favorite swimming spot. 
Well, if you've noticed a few unflattering areas that were not there last year here's how making a few changes can make a big difference.
  If your bathing suit feels a bit snug this year it may be time to get the skinny on a new way to eat. 
    "Focus on foods that fill you up, but don't fill you out."
    Registered dietitian Marisa Moore says this means eating foods that help you feel full on fewer calories.
     How do you do that?
         By choosing items that are either high in  water, fiber or protein. 

    "Berries and melons are great options because they are so high in water."
    Fruits and vegetables are not only full of water but fiber so eating them for snacks or plenty during mealtime will help satisfy your hunger.  Another fiber filled snack that's low in calories is popcorn. 

    "Not the one covered in a lot of butter, right, but popcorn that is air popped. One serving is 3 cups."
     Foods with protein also help you feel full longer and Moore likes edamame, or soybeans.

    "Other options would be hard boiled eggs, that's another great option and nuts."
     And if you're looking for suggestions for a healthy dinner that will leave you feeling satisfied start by, "Filling half of your plate with vegetables, 3 or 4 ounces of salmon and then you can have an optional half a cup of brown rice or pasta."
      It's important to manage your hunger when you're watching your weight, and eating foods that fill you up, may keep you from filling out. 

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