Wager on Weight Loss

It's the newest trend in weight loss. A website has dieters putting wagers down on how much weight they can lose. If you stick to the plan, it can really pay off.

The website is healthywage.com

Company Spokesman David Roddenberry says, "We pay you money to lose weight.

There's a lot of cash on the line. Each member of the team pays 60 dollars and the grand prize for the team with the highest percentage of weight loss over 3 months gets 10 thousand dollars to split between the team.

Healthy wage also offers group and individual weight loss challenges. The web site boasts total money won $430,100 total weight lost 866,500 pounds.

Roddenberry says, "Starting in about 2008 major academic journals published research demonstrating that dieters with a cash incentive were more than 5 times as likely to lose weight."

Healthy wage also uses social media to give dieters support. Because of the money prizes, weight has to be verified at participating health clubs or by healthcare professionals when they start and finish.

Registered Dietician Sheah Rarback says, "I think it's an absolutely wonderful idea but we also have to think long term and the competition will end. So, you have to find internal reasons why you're going to stay with this healthy eating and stay with the exercise."

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