Pinnacle Network Solutions

Pinnacle Network Solutions was founded for one reason only; to provide fast, reliable on-line coverage to rural areas that big companies won’t serve. 

No longer do you have to live in the center of town to be connected. We offer high speeds, up to 5mps download, and dependable signal to even the most isolated area. 

Pinnacle provides custom installation and business services including in-office consultation and installation. 

We are already providing service to hundreds of customers from Petrolia to Archer City, Iowa Park to Lake Arrowhead. And more locations are being added soon. 

All of this, at an affordable price…from $39 per month!! 

Speed…reliability…innovation. Pinnacle Network Solutions provides it all.


Installation: At Pinnacle Network Solutions, each installation is a custom installation. Pinnacle utilizes a small antenna to receive the wireless signal from a nearby tower. We analyze your location to balance the best reception with the right spot in your home. Our goal is to make the installation as non-intrusive and hidden as possible. We work hard to make sure you are happy with the location and appearance of the equipment. 

Once we have located the best position for the antenna, the installation will go quickly and easily. We will locate the outlet in your desired location and give you instructions on how to get the best of your Pinnacle Network. Each order includes one outlet installed in your home. For additional outlets, consult with your installer. 

Networking: The use of a wireless network greatly enhances your on-line experience. Pinnacle Network Solutions can help you get your desktop, laptop, notebook and tablet PC, as well as gaming systems running. The cost of network installation is additional and will vary depending on the functions needed. 

Consultation: Pinnacle Network Solutions assists business everyday! We can bring high-speed internet to any size office. We start from the ground up and take into account the configuration of your office, your router and switch facilities, even your hardware. We can provide a network solution at a competitive price. Each job is a custom installation and because of our personal service, will be tailored to provide you exactly what you need in a timely fashion. To get started, call us.

Come See Our Available Plans. Need more? Customize your plan!

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