12 Days of a Safe Christmas: Day Eight

Today's the eighth day of our 12 days of a safe Christmas tips from the WFPD to make sure you and yours have a safe and happy holiday. 

Today's tip, police say be careful when openly carrying purses or wallets, especially in crowded areas. They say those items can be prime targets for criminals. Officers want to remind you to keep your purses zipped and closed. And, if possible, keep your cash and wallets in your front pockets. 

Sergeant John Spragins said, "Criminals, often in private areas, will look for ways to pick pocket things out of your purse or back pocket. So if you can keep things in your front pocket, and be sure to keep your purses closed and zipped up, you don't give them the opportunity to take those things." Stay tuned to KFDX for more tips on making this one a safe holiday season.

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