2006 Shooting Victim's Brother Speaks Out About Mo's Tragedy

Just days after a convenience store owner is shot and killed at his store ... One of Mo Ahmad's friends -- who happens to also be a convenience store owner -- shared his concerns.
    Katie Crosbie joins us now with more.
    Gwyn, Qazi Islam's perspective is shaped by a convenience store attempted robbery six years ago ... Which left his brother recovering from two gunshot wounds.
    This as the community is still struggling to come to grips with what happened.

The flowers and cards reflect a memory that lives on.

April Hall
Mo's Customer
"He was truly an angel, and he's gonna be missed by everybody. I just hate that this happened."

Elizabeth Rhodes
Mo's Customer
"He's just the sweetest person to have, & it's a loss to our community, that we are gonna miss truly."

"I know Mo for long long time & he's very very good person, I like him very much."

Like Mo, Qazi Islam owns a convenience store. He says he & his friends in the business are shaken.

"We were talking like when we leave home for work & we are thinking we don't know we might come back or not. If someone might come with a gun. No one is safe. Even my wife, my dad, say maybe we go to another business. Find something else safer. It's not worth the risk for your life for this kind of business."

This is the second time gunfire has hit close to home for Islam.  In 2006, his brother was shot twice while working at a Citgo off Central Freeway.
    Islam says a woman pointed her gun at a child in the store, saying:

"'Give me all the money otherwise I'm gonna kill her.' You know, so - eventually, the lady shot my brother like twice."

Police would later arrest and charge a 25- year- old woman.
    Islam's brother survived -- even returning to the convenience store industry.
    But in the wake of the tragedy at Mo's ... many are rattled.

"If someone comes with a gun, they can take what they want, I'm not going to take risk of my life. But if people come with a gun and they don't care about the money or nothing they'll just kill you and gun, that's totally different. That makes it more worse. That means even if you give them all the money, still they're going to kill you. So that's ... Then you're not going to - it's not safe anymore for this kind of job."

    As we told you earlier this week, both suspects in the Mo's shooting case have been arrested and charged with capital murder.

    They are 19-year-old Michael Shay Graves, and 17-year-old Clifton John Russell.

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