Abortion Survivor Speaks Out on Adoption

Melissa Ohden is from Sioux Falls, Iowa. Her story has garnered attention from around the world.

She was in Wichita Falls last week. This is her story, in her own words:

I'm one of those people most people don't ever hear about, or possibly don't even think about. I survived a failed abortion.

My biological mother was 19 and she was an unmarried college student when she went in to have a saline infusion abortion. Over a 5 day period, I was subjected to a toxic salt solution that was meant to scald me to death while I was still in the womb.

From what I've been told, she delivered me there at the hospital and they believed that I was dead, and they left me for dead in the hospital room.

By the grace of God, as a nurse was still there tending to my birth mother, she looked over and realized I was making small movements and gasping for breath. That's when the doctors and nurses stepped in and provided me with the care I needed to sustain my life.

Most people wonder how I feel about that, and most people wonder if there's something wrong with me that you can't see.

First of all I'm perfectly healthy, and I am so grateful to be alive.

I am so grateful for the gift of life that was given to me, so I'm not angry and I'm not bitter and I don't hold any resentment towards my birth mother.

I only wish adoption would have been the first option in my life, and I want that opportunity for every child.

I want people to really start educating those around them, and embracing people who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy so they know that adoption is a loving and important option in people's lives.

It took me many many years to get to the point where I felt like I could come forward, but what I hope to do is give other survivors strength, because there are far more of us than many people could comprehend. I think there's a lot of strength in knowing there are other survivors out there. Not just for us, but to be able to come together and and show the world and say, "Look, this is who we are. We're your neighbor, your relative, We're your friend."

What would the world be like without us?

I think that personal message really changes peoples' hearts, not just about abortion, but about adoption being a loving option.

Reporter's Notes by Ryan Robertson:

In what Melissa calls another interesting twist to the story of her life, several years ago she moved to Sioux City to work on her masters degree.

Melissa gave birth to her daughter, Olivia, at that time, in the very same hospital where her life almost ended.

If you would like to know more about Melissa Ohden, click here, follow the link below.


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