A.G. Talks About Voter ID Case

    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has been ordered by the federal panel overseeing the Texas Voter Photo ID legal battle to stop delaying and stalling the case so it can make it to trial by July 9th.
     The Department of Justice and parties involved in the lawsuit to stop the Voter ID law have repeatedly complained about Abbott's staff using legal maneuvers to delay the case. They say Abbott's office has been slow in turning over important documents. But Abbott's office denies drawing out the case and says the Attorney General wants a quick trial so the photo ID law will be on the books for the November election.
          During a stop at KFDX Friday afternoon as he prepares to deliver MSU's commencement address Saturday, he puts the blame on the government's attorneys and opponents of photo ID.
    "They have put up road block, after road block, after road block, after road block. Delay after delay, and we are tired of it. There is no reason from them to keep delaying asking for the court for continuances. They need to just go to trial let this be done, especially when you consider that the United States Supreme Court already ruled that this law is perfectly constitutional," said Abbott.
    Judges are trying to decide if the voter id law complies with the Voting Rights Act, which bans some states with an alleged history of voter discrimination, including Texas, from passing new election laws without federal approval.

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