Ammunition Shortage Hits Gun and Knife Show

    Gun-owners around the nation are now finding it more difficult and costly to shoot their weapons.  It's due to a shortage on ammunition nationwide. Gun owners are pointing their fingers at Washington for ammo shortage.
    People it's part of a gun control tactic. Some say the shortage has been a growing problem since President Obama took office in 2009. They say because of Obama's stance on gun control, people have begun stocking up on ammo.
    It's a typical site at a gun and knife show, crowds of people setting their sights on snagging a new weapon.  But there's one thing this show and others are lacking, ammunition.
    "Out of 300 tables there are able three tables that one vendor has with reloads. We had a man coming with five tables of all new ammunition, but he had to cancel a week or so a go because he could not get the merchandise," said Joe Tom White, gun owner and show organizer.
    White says this kind of issue is occurring all over the state and the country.
    "We are finding this out at other shows too. There is a tremendous shortage nationwide of ammo," said White.
    Many in the gun industry point to politics for the shortage.
    "Our current regime in Washington, maybe can't control guns so looks like and this may be a conspiracy maybe not, they control the ammo if they cant control the guns," said White.
    Others at the gun show had similar theories as to why there is a shortage., but declined talking on camera. White says ammunition retailers are discovering people are now stocking up in fear.
    "President Clinton was anti-gun and it made the gun prices sky rocket. The guns doubled in price as soon as he went in to office. He has not made the ripples that the current administration has," said White.
    And as the November elections draw closer, White says even if there was a change in the White House a change in gun control laws would be slow moving at best.
    The current ammo shortage isn't just affecting one type of firearm. Vendors at Sunday's Gun Show say it includes cartridges for popular semiautomatic rifles, pistols, and revolvers.

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