Bank Statements Show Losses on Victims' Accounts

The video above shows ATM surveillance photos that show what authorities say is identity theft in action.

Postal inspectors allege Ali Zaher was somehow able to access the personal information of victims online and then took over their accounts by adding himself as an authorized user.

Carla Menendez, US Postal Inspector explained, “The suspect will get a credit card in their name at their house and they will start making purchases at various stores or ATM’s.“

The true account holders have no idea until they examine their bank statements.

Postal inspectors say Zaher was able to access more than 30 accounts with losses of around $30,000.

“He has a gambling issue and that’s why in this case most of them are ATM transactions. He just was just wanting the cash to take to the local casinos and see if he could turn it into more cash," said Menendez.

Some advice from postal inspectors --safeguard your personal information.

“The most important thing is to check your credit report each year. Also shred, don’t just throw away your credit card statements or anything like that. Make sure you shred anything that has any information that you wouldn't want anyone else to have," Menendez said.

Menendez faces 6 counts of ID theft.

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