Bed Bugs Increasing in Wichita Falls Homes

The pest is bed bugs.

Last year, they were a big problem for businesses in the Wichita Falls area and now, exterminators say they're becoming a big nuisance inside homes.

We warn you... the video you're about to see may be disturbing.

Bed bugs are small but they can quickly become a big problem.

Even living in the lap of luxury doesn't keep them away.

Last year, bed bugs became unwanted guests at this Ritz Carlton hotel in New York City.

And this year, local exterminators say these annoying insects are checking out and heading into homes.

"What's happened with all the world of travel, they just travel the world and they get in suitcases. They get in purses. They get in people's shoes or on the bottom of them... on their socks. You don't know it. They're so tiny at first," says Joan Riddles with Top-O-Texas Pest Control.

Riddles and other exterminators say they're starting to leave their marks on Texomans as they sleep at night.

Riddles also says one or two bed bugs can quickly turn into hundreds and even then she says they can still be hard to find.

"They get in the electrical sockets. They get in the walls. They get in your magazines. In the beds. They're not just bed bugs, they're everything bugs. It's gross when you go out and you actually are in a home or a room that's just totally infested. You feel like they're crawling all over you and in reality they're not," explains Riddles.

There are insecticides at stores that will get rid of bed bugs, but exterminators say those treatments only kill off the bugs you can see; not the ones living in the walls and other nooks and crannies of your home.

That's why they say the best way to get rid of them for good is through several treatments by a professional exterminator.

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