Board Soon to Prepare for Superintendent Search

    The Wichita Falls ISD school board will soon figure out a timeline for how to proceed with finding a new superintendent.
    This as a Waco school district -- Midway ISD -- announces that it has chosen Dr. George Kazanas as the lone finalist for its superintendent position.
    State law requires districts to wait 21 days before offering contracts.
    Dr. Kazanas is from the Waco area and went to college there ...
    You can see the Wichita Falls ISD has about double the number of students as midway.
    Wichita Falls has about 900 more staff members.
    The annual budget for midway is about 67 million, compared to 100 million in Wichita Falls ...
    Midway's most recent superintendent was making 188- thousand dollars a year ... Plus about 22- thousand dollars in other benefits.
    Dr. Kazanas makes 170- thousand total compensation ... And has not requested a raise during his three years.
   Bob Payton
WFISD School Board Member
   "I'm disappointed that he's leaving -- that we don't get to have him here in our district longer.  He's been a great superintendent for our district, for our staff & for our kids."
   Dr. Tim Powers
WFISD Assistant Superintendent
  "I'm going to miss him as my superintendent, but also as a friend."
   Wichita Falls school board member Bob Payton was board president when the district searched for and hired Dr. George Kazanas in 2009.
   "Obviously the first thing Dr. Kazanas & Midway need to make sure they come to an agreement -- if not, we're still interested in him being here."
   Once Dr. Kazanas signs a contract, the WFISD board will appoint an interim superintendent and decide whether to use a recruiting firm to begin the search process.
    So, how hard would it be for a new superintendent to step in and lead the district though a possible bond election?
   "I think that's one of the things that we probably will need to have in our short list of items that a superintendent has had experience in, as we look for a new one -- is: Have they had experience in passing a bond issue, those kind of things, in bringing the community together."
    Payton points out the notion of a secondary school bond issue did not originate with Dr. Kazanas -- and likely will not end with him, either.
   "That has been something that this community & the district has been - had in place for years & years & years."
   And as Dr. Kazanas moves forward with his next step in his career.
   "We're just very happy for him as a district and wish him well."
   Bob Payton says if the board moves quickly, they could have a candidate in place by next school year ... But he says the district doesn't want to rush it.  Dr. Kazanas is not doing any media interviews until after the 21 day period, out of respect for the Midway ISD.

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