Booming Business for Rainwater Company

You may be wondering how Texas Rain survived the crippling drought last year when there was no rain. Well the secret lies in this huge roof. It is a rain collector. Schraub says it takes just one inch of rain to give 12,000 gallons of water.

That roof is 18,000 square feet - about one-third the size of a football field. Rainwater flows from the roof into one of eleven storage tanks, which can together hold nearly 140,000 gallons.While this assembly line may look routine, Schraub says his business is on a roll.

Last year, he sold bottled rainwater to nearly 180 different clients. This year that number is close to 300. His business has become so successful, an NFL team is now buying his water.

"We now have the St. Louis Rams label, the NFL team that we're shipping to the dome, to the training camp, to the 75-mile radius of St. Louis. So that's a pretty big account for us now."

Of course, this company is called Texas Rain, so when asked about the Texas teams... "Love to see the Cowboys. I've talked to the Texans, but they're under contract right now, so they couldn't do anything."

U-T is a client though, with their water marketed as "H-2-Orange." Schraub's daughter, Ariell, is an employee. She loads bottles onto the line, and makes sure the equipment is running smoothly and properly.

"I'm glad to know that the name's getting out there and it's kind of widespread now, and people know about it."

Rainwater is cleaner and doesn't have the minerals present in regular bottled water. Nor is it treated with chlorine.

Ariell says the rainwater makes her feel more energetic. "It's a good way to - if you're trying to get off of soda - just drink a bunch of this water, and eventually, the need for soda will just go away." It's a booming business for Texas Rain. You could say the floodgates - are now open.

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