Briley Hostas Back Home

It's been a bumpy road for Briley Hostas.

She's been fighting Leukemia for the last two years, and earlier this month she was in a horrible car wreck.

The crash claimed the life of her grandmother, Gloria Herring, and left Briley with two broken legs and a broken pelvis.

But just over a week later, Briley is doing okay.

"She kind of surprises me," said Alicia Hostas, Briley's mom, "She's happy about everything. She doesn't complain. Even the nurses at the hospital just said, 'wow she's really mature about this'."

Briley was taken to Cook Children's Hospital after the wreck.

For the Hostas family, the time spent there was a reminder of when Briley was first diagnosed with Leukemia; a time when the family was forced to be apart.

"But now since Briley's home, and it's been such a blessing," said John Hostas, Briley's dad, "We're all together again under one roof."

While so much attention has been given to Briley and her recovery, Briley's little brother, Bryson, has also been affected.

"He's been a little trooper about it too," said John, "I don't think enough credit has been given to Bryson, but he's a strong little kid also."

Now reunited, the Hostas family can heal as a family, and together cope with the loss of Alicia's mother.

"She was kind of the one that held everybody together," explained Alicia, "she was kind and patient and loving. She taught us even if you're mad at someone, you're nice to them."

Alicia said her mother showed her how faith in God could carry them through anything, and it's that same faith which now keeps the Hostas family looking for the positives.

"They say one of the hardest things that could ever have happen is to lose a child," said John, "and we have not experienced that nor do we plan to."

"We're going to do anything to keep from doing that," he continued, "and things are going well, believe it or not. [Briley's] doing great. Bryson's doing great. We're just going to keep moving forward."

Reporter's notes by Ryan Robertson:

Briley will have to spend the next 6-8 weeks in her braces, and will then start physical therapy.

As long as everything continues to go well in her recovery, Briley will start kindergarten in the Fall.

For more information about Briley Hostas, or to see how you can help the family, click here.

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