Briley Hostas Recovering in Fort Worth

John Hostas, Briley's father, said on Monday, for the first time since the accident, Briley was smiling and playing.

However, Briley's grandmother, Gloria Herring, who was killed in the same accident was laid to rest Monday in Rhineland.

"That was one call, as a father or as anybody, but especially as an EMT that you never want to get," said John.

Last Thursday night, while John was on call as a Seymour EMT, the unthinkable happened.

"As the tones went off, Alicia was calling me, and I knew then what happened," explained John, "and from there it was a blur."

Alicia, John's wife, was meeting her mother, Gloria, o pick up her kids Briley and Bryson.

As Gloria crossed the intersection at U.S. 277 and FM 1152, her Suburban was struck by a semi rig.

She  was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Gloria was everything to our family," said John, "you can ask anybody outside the family. She was the nicest person you would ever meet in your life. She would bend over backwards to do anything for you."

Five-year-old Briley, already weak from Leukemia and chemo therapy treatments, broke both legs and her pelvis.

On Friday, she underwent surgery.

On Saturday, John said he and Alicia just tried to comfort their little girl.

As for what it was like arriving on the scene of the accident as both an EMT and father, John said, "Sure enough, I got out there and all that training I had during the years went out the window. I didn't know what to do. I really didn't know what to do. I became a dad at that point."

But today, is a new day.

Briley is doing better.

She can sit up now, even play with her barbies.

John said they've told Briley her Nana is gone, but don't know if she understands what that means.

"She hasn't really said a whole lot about it," said John, "and I think when it's really going to hit Briley is whenever she's able to go back to Gloria's house and basically Nana won't be there."

In the meantime, John said the Hostas family is focused on Briley's recovery.

He said Briley's chemo therapy treatments will continue once she regains enough strength so her body can fight off infection, and she might be able to go home by the end of the week.

John said he wants everyone to know how much the community support means to his family.

"I believe in the power of prayer and I believe that it works," he explained, "and we've seen that first hand how pray works, and this should be no different."

A statement of faith, from a family all to familiar with life's pain.

Reporter's notes by Ryan Robertson:

Alicia Hostas teaches kindergarten at Seymour Elementary.

John said his wife still plans on going back to school this year to say goodbye to her students before Summer.

Plans for a fundraiser to aid in expenses is still in the works.

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