Bringing Hollywood Home

In a world, where movies can be made almost anywhere, two men from Wichita Falls are proving it pays to dream.

"I'm from here. This is where I grew up and my family is here, that's one of the reasons why I like staying here," said Jesse Johnson.

Johnson and his friend, Nick Turnbow, have just wrapped shooting on their latest short film, a mobster movie called 3 Ways to Kill a Mook.

"There are certain expectations in a gangster movie," said Turnbow, who both wrote and stars in the movie, "but we kind of wanted to play off those and do something unexpected with the plot."

Something else some may find unexpected, the entire production process-from writing to shooting to editing-took place in Wichita Falls.

"You run into a stygma in Wichita Falls that you can't make movies, it's a pipe dream," said Johnson, the director of 3 Ways to Kill a Mook,"or the one I hate the most, 'you have to get a real job'. But life is what you make it. If you work hard at it, you can be a success."

Both Johnson and Turnbow said when they began making movies as kids, they always wanted to bring Hollywood home.

They added Texoma has plenty to offer when it comes to sharing stories on the silver screen.

"There's tons of resources right here in Wichita Falls," said Turnbow, "as far as either story telling, or untapped talent. We have tons of talent here. Actors, directors, writers, whatever."

Because of all that un-tapped talent, Johnson and Turnbow said they're looking to expand.

Johnson said he's in talks right now with a major Hollywood movie distributor, and while he couldn't go into details, he said good things are on the horizon for the Wichita Falls film industry.

"The next year is going to be very interesting," said Johnson, "There's going to be a lot more--various different things happening. But needless to say, we are finally getting noticed. We are getting the attention we wanted to get. The film is working for us and there are job opportunities coming from that, and they're coming from Hollywood."

Johnson and Turnbow are going to submit 3 Ways to Kill a Mook to a number of film festivals before releasing the movie to the public.

Johnson said he hopes to premiere the film later this year, with a red carpet event right here in Wichita Falls.

To learn more about the movie, or see the trailer for 3 Ways to Kill a Mook click here, or follow the link below.!/nogoodmook

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