Brook Village Early Childhood Center

Sounding out words and learning how to read is one of the first major milestones we achieve in the learning process.

And computer programs are making the ability to reach that milestone easier.

At Brook Village Early Childhood Center, kindergarten and pre-k students have access to not one but two computer labs

The computers are loaded with software geared towards teaching students how to read.

Having two computer labs allows every student at the school to spend 30 to 45 minutes a day on lessons.

The software is designed to look like games, keeping students engages while learning at the same time.

Lessons help with everything from sounding out words to building vocabulary.

One advantage of the software is that it allows students to work at their own pace.

The computer software also makes it easy to integrate lessons learned in the classroom.

Christy Henry is the principal at Brook Village Early Childhood Center.

"In the classroom, they are going to concentrate more individually with each individual student and they are going to work with letters.
The sounds and the blending. Real in depth. And in here, they are going to come in, they are going to follow the program and the
programs are set up on their level."

By supplementing computer lessons with lessons in the classroom.

These pre-k and kindergarteners are getting a head start on learning how to read.

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