Building Towards the Future

Devin Crump hasn't been an artist for very long, but his skills are improving.

He recently completed work on an expertly crafted model ship.

"Basically someone said I couldn't do it," said Devin, "I never know what I can do unless someone basically dares me."

Unlike other artists, Devin's workshop isn't in a basement, or a garage, or behind his house. It's in a storage room at the Archer County Jail.

"My charges are for theft of property, copper. Possession of drugs," explained Devin.

But behind bars, Devin found a new calling.

For a few hours a day, after his other work is done, he gets to hone his skills and build his confidence.

His resources are limited, he builds most things from balsa wood.

On the ship, he used tooth picks for deck rails, an acorn on the bow, twisted wire for an anchor, even boxer shorts for the sails.

"It gives [him] hope," said Sarah Robinson, a detention officer with the Archer County Sheriff's Office, "It stimulates [him] in the right direction, you know? Like 'I can be someone different than what I was before'."

Devin hopes when he is released, his new found abilities will help him stay on the straight and narrow.

"If I can get job doing something like this, one that I love, I'll be there everyday," said Devin, "no questions asked."

In the meantime, Devin will build his clientele as he works towards the day when he re-joins society, and leave his life of crime in the dark.

Reporter's Notes by Ryan Robertson:

Devin said he is taking orders, so if you'd like him to build something for you, or if you'd like to help him stock up on some supplies, call the Archer County Sheriff's Office at 574-2571

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