Burkburnett doctors react to Obamacare decision

Many doctors say while Obamacare will mean more accessible healthcare for more people, other doctors predict problems, headaches and even chaos in their offices.

Doctors in Burkburnett spoke about the impact the Supreme Court's decision on healthcare reform is going to have on patients, doctors and the practice of medicine in general.

Dr. Jerome Adams, owner of Burkburnett Clinic, has been pacticing medicine for more than 50 years.

He says the millions of uninsured Americans who are about to get insurance will put a strain on the healthcare system.

"I just see more demand for healthcare," Dr. Adams says. "I see it more chaotic, more dysfunctional, and difficult to operate in."

The landmark decision made by the highest court has Dr. Adams wondering about the future of his business.

"The question arises whether the man power is out there from physicians, to technicians, nurses, and labratory people to accommodate this increase demand of healthcare," Dr. Adams says.

He adds, "It's going to complex it for providers as well as patients and it's going to be more difficult to cope with."

Dr. Jonathan Williams, owner of Christain Family Health Clinics says the winners will be the urban areas but the rural communities will be the most affected.

He believes Obamacare will change the business of healthcare into the coverage of governed care.

"With this shift, this cultural shift in medicine in the United States, I won't be in practice five years from now nor I think most other rural depedent or independent will be practice within the next five years," Williams says.

He adds the demand for medical care will drive some patients away.

"The biggest impact for patients is going to be access to care, basically the rural communities physcians, as they are phased out, maybe replaced by sponsored mid-level providers, nurses practioners, PAs, and that type of thing or they are going to have to travel," Dr. Williams states.

Even though the future of Obamacare is still unknown, both Dr. Adams and Dr. Williams say their patients health and care will remain their main focus.

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