Campaign Update

President Obama is pulling an all-nighter, and Governor Romney has non-stop appearances in Ohio today - as this campaign starts to look a little like NASCAR.

A fast whip around the track, over and over, before the flag comes down in 12 days to declare a winner.

There are seven battleground states - and that's where you'll mostly see President Obama and Governor Romney between now and Election Day.  "We're going to pull an all-nighter," said President Barack Obama.

The president's non-stop tour of battleground states continues today after a late-night rally - and impromptu greetings in Las Vegas.
Today, he'll vote at home in Chicago and hit three more states: Florida, Virginia, and Ohio. He joked about it with Jay Leno last night. "...and then we will red eye to Florida. (You mean Red bull to Florida?) There is a lot of caffeine on Air Force One," said The President.

Governor Romney has three stops in Ohio today - one of several swing states up for grabs. "And I'm optimistic. I'm optimistic. Not just about winning - we are going to win, by the way, we're gonna do that," said Mitt Romney/ (R) Presidential Nominee, "he doesn't have a plan to get jobs for Americans. I do, and that's why I'm gonna win."

"What did I say I was gonna do in 2008? And what have I delivered? And they can have some confidence that the things I say, I mean," said President Barack Obama.

Both candidates, are confident - despite tightening polls - especially in Ohio. "If Obama wins Ohio then Romney is going to have to win Wisconsin, Colorado and either Iowa or New Hampshire so New Hampshire is definitely in the mix here," said Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics. 

Election math is getting tougher now, as more Americans cast their ballots early while the candidates are still trying to get their vote.

Tracie Potts, NBC News.

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