Candidate Election Problems

These candidates may have voted themselves out of the general election by voting in the wrong party primary. Texas election code states no candidate may be on the ballot of the general election if that candidate voted in a party primary other than the party the are the nominee of in the general election. Some Democratic candidates may have violated that law by voting in the Republican primary. Two Texoma candidates appear to be disqualified,  including  longtime Jack County attorney Michael Mask. Mask was unopposed in November so now there are no candidates for the ballot. But the Democratic Chair says the party executive committee can meet in August and appoint a new candidate. In Young County, Precinct 3 Democratic candidate Steve Sosiniski, who is Mayor and Fire Chief,  and a Municipal Judge of Newcastle, is disqualified. Sosiniski posted on his Facebook campaign page he was republican most of his life, but recently switched to being a Democrat. Two Democratic candidates in Angelina county have also been  disqualifed. Sosinski's infraction was discovered by the Young County Democratic Party Chair who noticed he had not voted in the Primary and called him and was told he voted in the Republican primary. As to why so many Democratic candidates may have voted in the Republican primary,  officials say it could be because the Republican election had many more contested and high profile races. As to whether some candidates wanted to help pick the candidate they preferred to face in November, officials said that is only speculation.

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