Chef's Corner: Healthy - No Cooking - Recipes!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (Ivanhoe Newswire) - The temps are starting to rise and as it heats up outside we're going to cool things down in the kitchen. In today's chef's corner, we show you how to whip up some healthy meals without cooking.

"This is no cook!" explains Chef Liza Utter. "This is super, super easy; anyone can do it!"

Liza Utter has owned restaurants, hosted celebrity bashes, and dished out some great recipes; all on the top TV networks and now she's sharing some summer secrets with us.

"It's got all your major vegetables: carrots, cucumber, mint," Utter tells Ivanhoe.

Today she's revealing how to make the perfect garden spring roll.

"They're super crunchy," says Utter. "They're alive."

Start with some rice paper. Soak it in water for just a minute. Then fill it with all the things you love. Now for the scary part.

"So we're going to fold it over like so, and then the ends; look how supple it is. Now it's like a gooey piece of paper. Now watch this. You're going to tuck it in and then you're going to roll it. Make sure it's tight," says Utter. 

Slice it in half and there you have it! Next up is no-cook tomato soup.

"This is basically dump and blend," explains Utter.

Add tomatoes, cashews, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, salt, and water into your blender.

Utter says, "It should all be blended like a smoothie together."

Pour it into small cups, top it off with a little olive oil and you are done.

"There's no reason to cook," exclaims Utter. "You don't have to cook!"

To make both dishes it took us about 15 minutes; quick and easy. For both recipes, you can go to our website at

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