Speaking to dozens of students at MSU Monday afternoon, 13th District Congressman Mac Thornberry stressed the importance for younger voters to get informed.

"The decisions we make now are going to affect these younger voters longer than they're going to affect the rest of us," he explained.

Many of the decisions to be made on Capitol Hill currently center on foreign policy, an area where the Congressman said President Obama has a mixed track record.

"The president has continued more Bush era anti-terrorism policies than I thought he would," said Thornberry, "and the fact Osama Bin Laden is no longer on the scene is a good thing for the world.

"On the other hand," Thornberry continued, "[President Obama] has divided the U.S. and Israel more than we've been divided before."

Thornberry said it remains to be seen whether the President's handling of the Arab Spring can be called a success, especially in the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks, and Iran's seemingly endless pursuit to build a nuclear weapon.

When asked whether Mitt Romney's lack of foreign policy will be an issue, Thornberry was quick to point out past presidents had the same perceived problem.

"I think we all remember that Governor Bush didn't have experience in foreign policy," said Thornberry, "Senator Obama didn't have experience in foreign policy. Bill Clinton didn't have experience in foreign policy. We tend to elect governors and others whose expertise tends to lie in other areas."

Thornberry said in his mind, the best stance on foreign policy is to forget about being loved, and just be strong.

For Thornberry, that strength starts with a strong military and economy, both things Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan say they are committed to.

Reporter's Notes by Ryan Robertson:

Congressman Thornberry said Monday's final debate will give Mitt Romney a chance to convince the American people he can handle the responsibilities of keeping the nation safe.

If Romney can past that test, Thornberry said he'll keep the momentum on his side.

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