Consumer Reports Shows You How to Get Free Stuff

If you think there's no such thing as free lunch, think again. There are lots of products you can get online without having to pay a cent. Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine has found the best freebies - everything from cosmetics to pet food.

This dog definitely got his free lunch. His human only had to go on the site HeyItsFree and ask for a sample from Beneful.

Other stuff ShopSmart got gratis? Gevalia espresso coffee fixings, Emergen C vitamins, all kinds of beauty products, even free downloadable movies to keep the family entertained.

Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine has a lot of tips on how to get tons of free stuff.

Jody Rohlena of Consumer Reports ShopSmart explained, "The first thing to do is look at websites that aggregate free offers. We especially liked Freeflys. We got more free stuff from there than any other website."

Some other aggregator sites worth checking out:




and SweetFreeStuff - that's where ShopSmart got the free movie.

ShopSmart was able to order more than 50 items in a few hours of online searching.

No-shows were a problem though. About half the freebies hadn't arrived ten weeks after they'd been ordered.

Another problem … a flood of e-mail marketing pitches clogging your inbox. So set up a separate e-mail address just for freebie shopping.

Another tip when shopping for freebies: Keep your credit card in your wallet.

"Shipping should be free, so there is no reason to give your credit-card information. If they ask you to give your card number, don't do it," warned Rohlena.

It's also worth looking at manufacturers' sites like Pillsbury or Walmart. You can often get coupons for a free full-sized product.

ShopSmart says be aware that if you score a free coupon, you usually have to pick the item up at the store.

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