Money for Your Old Electronics?

Got an old computer stashed in a storage room? Or an ancient cell phone junked in a kitchen drawer? Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine has some advice on what to do with your old electronics. You may make some money in the process.

Like many of us, Amy Werner has amassed quite a collection of old gadgets -- including a tablet, a phone and a laptop.

"The electronics in the basement are just collecting dust because we don't know what to do with them," said Werner

But that pile of used electronics could end up being worth something.

"If your gadget is new enough, you can actually turn it in for cash or a gift card," said Lisa Freeman of ShopSmart Magazine.

In ShopSmart's search, a Samsung Galaxy S 2 fetched 94 dollars, and an Apple iPad 2 -- 190 dollars. ShopSmart found the website Glyde often quoted the highest prices. Amazon proved best for random gadgets, like hard drives and speakers. And NextWorth, allows you to send items in, or drop them off at stores -- including Target.

"You really have to check different sites, at different times because we found that prices vary from site to site, and prices can change over time, too," Freeman explained.

If the price you're offered doesn't seem worth it, consider a donation. connects you with local organizations that accept old electronics.

Of course, some items are just not wanted by anyone. But you should still recycle them responsibly. Stores such as Staples and Best Buy will take old computers off your hands. Or drop them off at a local recycling center. At the very least, you can keep more junk out of the landfills.

Whatever you do with your old electronics, be sure to wipe them clean of all your personal data first. 

You can find out how to do that here:

Information about local recycling options by checking

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