Costume Ideas

Pink Floyd - Wear all pink and a name tag that says Floyd Robert Plant - Wear all green, attach silk plants to your outfit and wear a name tag that says Robert Hairy Potter- Dress as Chewbacca, bear or other hairy creature, wear a tool belt with gardening tools, & carry a planter and potting soil. Golden Girls- (group) Dress in all gold. Wear gold gloves and shoes. Use gold lipstick and eyeshadow. Paint your nails gold. (You could use makeup to paint all visible skin). Wear a blond wig. Stewart Copeland (Drummer of The Police) - Wear 70s style short basketball shorts, the basketball socks with the 3 red stripes around the top, sneakers, and a blond wig if you are not blond. Carry a pair of drum sticks. Mike the Tiger- Paint visible skin with tiger stripes, wear LSU hat & T-shirt or sweat shirt, attach homemade our bought tiger tail & ears Bug Zapper - Dress in neon yellow or green and attach gummy or plastic insects to your outfit. The Fonz- Wear leather jacket, jeans, white t-shirt, biker boots, shades, and a ducktail hairdo or wig. If you are going in a group have the rest our your friends dress as 50s era girls. Sleeps with the Fishes- Wear pajamas & a diving mask. Carry a stuffed Nemo toy. Black Cat - Wear all black. Buy or make ears and tail. Use black makeup to create whiskers and nose. If you are going to a party take a Litter Box Cake for added effect. (see recipe section) Ceiling Fan - Wear a T-shirt with ceiling written on it and cheer for the ceiling Tickled Pick - Carry a feather and wear all pink The Mississippi Queen- Wear a sash that says Mississippi and a crown Criss Angel - Dress like an angel and wear a name tag that says Criss (Criss Angel is a famous magician and escape artist) Great Caesars Ghost - Dress like Caesar but paint your face and visible skin white Robot - Take a box big enough to fit over your body, cut out the bottom, make holes for the head and arms. Take a second, smaller box that fits over your head, cut holes for eyes. Paint both boxes silver. Attach buttons from old appliances to the front of the box, along with bits of wire. Add some antennae from an old radio to the top box. Optional: use a string of battery-operated Christmas lights to create lighting effects by punching some of the lights through holes in the box. Gypsy- Wear a white peasant blouse, colorful vest, long flowing colorful skirt, black tights, black shoes or boots, gold hoop earrings, gold bangle bracelets, fringed cloth belt, and a scarf around your head. Wolf Man - Wear torn clothes. Use spirit gum to glue patches of fake brown fur onto your face, neck, the back of your hands, and the tops of your feet. Mother Nature- Wear a green or brown dress. Attach silk leaves all over the dress. Make a crown out of leaves and flowers, with a faux bird attached. Tourist - Wear a Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, sandals with socks, and a visor. Carry at least one camera around your neck, and maps and tourist attraction brochures sticking out of your pockets. Harry Potter - Get a pair of round glasses without lenses and put a piece of clear tape around the middle of the frames so that they look just like Harrys broken glasses. Wear a long-sleeved rugby shirt, orange with a red stripe across the chest like Harry and jeans and sneakers. Apply mousse or gel through your hair to make it stand on end. Use Halloween makeup to create Harrys trademark pink scar in the shape of a lightning bolt in the middle of his forehead. Tie a red cape around your neck if you want. You can carry a broom stick too. Jack-in-the-Box - Cardboard box. Slinky toys for arms.Stocking cap. Box can be held in place with suspenders. Decorate as desired. Got Milk? - Use white make up to create your milk mustache. Wear a t-shirt that says Got Milk? Sand-Witch- Get two pieces of white poster board and cut them to look like Sandwich bread--paint or color about 1-inch along the edges brown for the crust. Pick other colors of poster board to be the Sandwich contents -- one color of yellow for the cheese (cut a couple of big circles in it for Swiss cheese), another for the mustard. One color of green for pickles (you can cut two nice-sized pickle rounds out of one piece of poster board), another for the lettuce (cut jaggy edges for more leafy look). Etc. Wear black sweats and a witch hat. Attach the front and back bread with rope and hand over your shoulders. Blues Brothers - Black suit, black tie, black hats, sunglasses and white shirts Mummy - Gel hair and pull away from face. Use white makeup on face. Use strips of muslin wrapped around entire body. Witch - Dress up in baggy black clothes, preferably a skirt or a dress. Leave hair loose or wear a wig. Get separate streaks of hair and cover them with white flour. Use the rest of the flour on the face and paint lips with really dark lipstick. Skeleton - Paint bones on a black sweats. Use white and black makeup for face. Devil in a Blue Dress - Wear a blue dress & devil horns. Carry a pitch fork. Ghost - Wear white sweats, white tennis shoes, a sheet with holes for head and arms, white gloves, white makeup on visible skin & four in your hair. Zombie - Dress in all black. also, black, white, or green hair dye is good. Fake blood is good to splatter around with just a cup of corn syrup, a tablespoon of water, and a whole bunch of red food coloring, with a little yellow and blue for color. Mix it until its the right consistency, and it looks so real. Use white makeup to paint your face and black makeup to darken eyes and cheek bones. Rock Star- create a guitar out of cardboard (google images of guitars and pick a shape you like, draw it on the cardboard, cut it out, and then decorate it) and wear some cute looking rock clothes and rock out (Submitted by Madelyn Richmond) The Girl from the Prince Video "Raspberry Beret"-Im a little too old for the Trick or Treating and some of the other kiddie Halloween activities so I at least try to come up with a creative yet intriguing costume design. I try to do something that people have to guess who I am. This year Im going as the girl from the Prince video "Raspberry Beret" and guess what, Ill be wearing a raspberry beret. Im excited to see which friend will guess it first! (Submitted by Lee)

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