Countdown to Aug. 3rd

[This is a KFDX WxNFO Weather Blog presented by KFDX Meteorologist Bryan Rupp and includes personal opinions].

42 days....that is the longest stretch of daily highs at or above 100 degrees in the meteorological history of Wichita Falls. 

It happened back between June 23 and August 3, 1980.  So all it would take is 43 days in a row of readings at or above 100.  At this point in time (as of Wednesday, July 20, when this blog was written) we are well on our way.

As of today we have had 28 days in a row of those temperatures and if we reach 100 today it will be day 29.  The current forecast calls for highs in the 100s for the next seven days.  That forecast gets us to day 35.  And if it continues until August 3, it will be day 43.  That would break the all-time longest streak of 100 degree temperatures in the city.

Only time will tell as to the outcome but if I was a betting man...I'd bet it will happen.

Meteorologist Bryan Rupp.

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