Crickets and Grasshoppers Invade Texoma

Overgrown fields and grass along highways-- are full of crickets and grasshoppers.

But those insects are doing more than just annoying folks.

In March, moths and beetles invaded Texoma.

Now, another insect is starting to hop around in huge numbers.

"The big problem you're gonna get with crickets is they just smell really bad. They can bite but the bite doesn't do anything to you. It's like if someone comes up and just pinches you," says Kevin Seman, who works at River Bend Nature Center.

But crickets aren't the only insects making their presence known in Texoma.

More and more grasshoppers are springing onto the scene.

While some are small, others, like this one, are big, scary and destructive.

"They'll just devour anything. They lay their eggs in the sand and soil and they go off to devour somebody else's field," says David Shoop, Jr., of Shoops Termite & Pest Control.

So, what has caused these insects to increase in numbers?

"Things got really hot really quick. A lot of bugs started coming out of dormancy and because we had so much rain at the beginning of the year and it was warm weather, the plants started growing early and that provided the food source for a lot of these insects and that's why we have so many of them right now," explains Seman.

And you can expect to continue seeing these insects through the summer.

According to insect experts, the only plus to the cricket invasion is that they're providing a lot of food for bats and birds.

As for grasshoppers, we're told told they're only a good food source to predators that can handle the bitter, black fluid they spit.

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