Cunningham Deaf Education Class Manages Chicken Coop

It's always good for kids to have some good old- fashioned outdoor life lessons.

Cunningham Elementary has it's own chicken coop and the deaf education class has adopted the chickens as pets.

In Tonight's Making the Grade, Eddie Randle shows us what the kids have hatched.

I wrote a grant called chickenology 101 and received the money to buy a coop.

4th and 5th grade science teacher Shelley Yeakley got the idea of getting a chicken coop for Cunningham from a tv show.

She says she flocked to the idea once she learned how the kids would benefit.

"its just always good to watch life happening because so many of the kids have everything on a tv or computer and this way they have it right outside the school window, said science teacher Shelly Yeakley".

The Deaf Education Class at the school is taking care of the chickens and the coop.

"So often our kids don't have some of these life experiences and this gives us the opportunity to kind of explain what's going on with the chickens and the eggs. Our kids kind of develop a relationship with the chickens they liked naming them, said deaf education teacher Kim Throne".

"The brown one's frenchie and the white one's angel, said the students"

"They talk to them and we all pass by and look at the window and see what they're doing.

The kids have been "mother-henning" the chickens since they were chicks.

It hatched a bond the kids will always remember.

But the yolk of this lesson has been language and communication.

"The kids are going to tell us about the counting of the eggs and the variety of the eggs they have each week, said Yeakley".

After all the knowledge of chickens and eggs yeakley says there is still one mystery they haven't been able to crack.

"Which comes first the chicken or the egg....we still don't know, added Yeakley".

In case you're wondering what the kids do with the fresh eggs....they make different dishes with them.

They made a bacon a spinach quiche, scrambled eggs and eddie randle says he got the chance to taste some of their homemade egg salad and it was delicious.

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