District 13 Candidates

No democrat filed for the District 13 Congressional seat and the winner of the primary will only face Libertarian and Green party candidates in November.

The incumbent, Mac Thornberry, has only had two contested primaries since his first victory in 1994, and has easily won all the general elections.

His challenger in the primary, Dr. Pam Barlow, is a Bowie veterinarian and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel.

The two candidates share some similarities.

Both think the biggest issues facing the 13th district are also facing the nation.

"The whole country is facing a real choice about how we move forward, and that includes Texas," said Thornberry, "it includes spending and the debt. It includes government control of healthcare, in a way it's kind of one big choice about which way this country goes. That affects us as it does everybody else."

Doctor Barlow said, "the biggest issue is the economy, and that's facing the whole country. We have got to get this debt under control, we've got to cut spending. We've got to balance the budget. We have got to say, 'absolutely no' to any debt limit increases, because we simply are out of money and we can't afford to pay this debt."

Both Thornberry and Barlow said the military is a big concern as well.

Thornberry currently serves as the Vice-chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

"Strong national defense is an area where I am particularly concerned," he said, "If we don't do something in January, 2013, there are going to be across the board cuts in defense. We've got to stop that. We've got to do whatever it takes to make sure Sheppard stays strong. So the whole area of national defense is the first job of the Federal Government and an area I spend a lot of time on."

Doctor Barlow served as both an active duty and reserve duty soldier in the U.S. Army. She retired after 31 years at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

"As a constitutional conservative," she explained, "I believe that defense is one of the most important things that the Federal Government is supposed to take care of. We're supposed to take care of our soldiers and our veterans. This is what defends our country and without them we don't have a country."

As far as what separates the two candidates, Representative Thornberry said his 18 years of experience is a valuable asset which will help move the country forward.

"There is just decision after decision that has got to be made shortly after the election," said Thornberry, "So I think together, it's really important to make those in a way that are consistent with the values of this area. Pro free market, pro individual choice in the matter."

Doctor Barlow, on the other hand, said it's time to pump some new blood into the system.

She added already signed a pledge to serve no more than 3 terms.

"People have been asking over and over again through the years, we need republicans who will lead," said Dr. Barlow, "We need Republicans with a back-bone. We need Republicans who will stand up. I consider my personality to be an 'Allen West, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin' kind of a get out there and get it done personality. As a doctor, I was trained to find problems and fix them. That is my intention and my goal."

Polls open Tuesday, May 28th at 7am.

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