Donald Flowers' Killer Sentenced to Life in Mental Hospital

North Dakota courts have ruled Charles Davis suffers from schizophrenia, and is therefore not responsible for the death of Donald Flowers.

In March of 2010, Flowers traveled to Minot for his job with Halliburton.

Flowers and Charles Davis, another Halliburton employee, were working in a conference room at a local hotel when witnesses said a phone went off, and Davis snapped.

Davis stabbed Flowers several times in the neck, saying the words "damn droid" over and over.

Now, because the courts ruled Davis was not responsible for his actions due to a lack of criminal responsibility, similar to a temporary insanity plea, he has been sentenced to life in a state mental hospital.

However, he will under-go evaluations every year, and could be released if he's ever found sane again.

"I think for us, and for my family, this is some kind of justice, because at least we know he was diagnosed with something that is not curable," explained Destiney Miller, Donald Flowers' daughter, "[Davis] will have to stay in a state hospital, and I don't find a reason why they would let him out into society because he took a man's life."

"They found [Davis] incompetent to stand trial," said Paula Villarreal, Donald's sister, "they don't have the death penalty here, so this is the most we can ask for, and we can just pray when he's evaluated, he won't be found competent to walk the streets."

Flowers' family said Davis told the court he thought Donald Flowers was a robot, and Halliburton was cloning employees.

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