Dressing for Success Involves More than Clothes

We've all heard when you go to a job interview it is crucial to dress for success.

Unfortunately, job experts say your clothes aren't the only things that can prevent you from getting hired.

This small group of women is getting information on a topic that can have a big impact on them getting a job.

They're students at Christian Women's Job Corps are learning that dressing for success involves a lot more than clothes.

"It's kind of the total appearance package. Did you shower. Did you brush your teeth. You know, common sense things that most of us take for granted but not everybody does," says Bill Scantlin with Workforce Solutions North Texas.

But Scantlin says it's something hiring managers encounter more than you think.

"I've had interviews where I'm sitting four feet across from me at the interview table and their breath blows you away. Those are first impressions that linger and so, you may have had a great resume and done a great interview, but if that first impression lingers long after you've gone, you probably are not gonna get the job," Scantlin adds.

In fact that information got at least one student thinking about past job interviews.

So what did she do?

"Bring people with me, of course. The shoes was a big thing. I never realized they'd be looking at your feet. (Laughs)... and of course the colored hair," says Elizabeth Linares, a student at Christian Women's Job Corps.

According to Workforce Solution officials, the Wichita Falls area has a 6.8% unemployment rate and soon businesses will start hiring holiday help.

That's why officials are trying to get these job seekers ready so after interviewing they'll have a better chance of hearing "you''re hired."

Workforce Solutions North Texas offers classes about how to dress for success as well as other job interview do's and don't's.

Job experts also say when in doubt remember it is unlikely that you're get a second chance to make a first impression.

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