Drought Update 5-12: 75% of Texoma in Stage 5

The drought.gov update for Thursday, May 12, 2011 is in and shows more than 75% of Texoma counties and communities are now in Stage 5, or "Exceptional", drought conditions.  This is the highest level of drought.

Even with the recent rains multiple counties continue to see drought intensify and no location has seen drought conditions improve.  This indicates that a large amount of rain over a prolonged period of time is needed to bring substantial relief.  The best scenario would be a long lasting, multiple day event, of light to moderate rain.  In some scientific circles folks are beginning to focus on the hope of a potential tropical system to bring us the relief we need.

At this time there is no significant rainfall in the KFDX local forecast.  Let's continue to pray that changes.

Here is the breakdown with counties that changed categories in bold & ital.

Stage 5 "Exceptional" (this is the highest level of drought)
  • Wichita
  • Wilbarger
  • Jackson
  • Tillman
  • Hardeman
  • Foard
  • Childress
  • Cottle
  • King
  • Knox
  • Baylor
  • Archer
  • Clay
  • Stephens
  • Jefferson
  • Comanche
  • Cotton
Stage 4 "Extreme"
  • Montague
  • Jack
  • Young
  • Throckmorton
  • Palo Pinto

State 3 "Severe"
  • None
Stage 2 "Moderate"
  • None
Stage 1 "Abnormally Dry" (this is the lowest level of drought
  • None
Here is the drought map for Texas:

Here is the drought map for Oklahoma:

Here is the drought map for Texoma:

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