Duncan Soldier Statue Stolen

With Sheppard Air-force base here in town and an army post less than an hour away Texomans are known for honoring veterans.
So when a statue meant to represent fallen Duncan soldiers was stolen many stepped in to help.

Tim Zinn, a Vietnam veteran living in Duncan says he's been planning the "Memorial for Duncan Fallen Soldiers" for years.
"We're doing this to honor the fallen in Duncan the ones that were killed in action", said Zinn.
He came across what thought would be the perfect centerpiece for the event and couldn't pass it up.

"Well I saw the statue for the first time last year and I wanted it so bad I couldn't stand it but I didn't have the money", said Tim Zinn, Disabled American Veteran Commander.
Members of the VFW pitched in to buy the life- sized statue.
After waiting the two weeks for it to be painted Zinn was ready to have it permanently placed in the ground.
But before that could happen it was stolen.

"Well it was disbelief. I mean were a veterans organization we fought and died for their freedom and to do something like this", said Zinn.

 "This is the place the statue was suppose to stand. This is a place that honors and commemorates fallen soldiers that now remains empty."

"I don't know the circumstances but if had been someone who needed money I would have ask my membership, that's what we're here for to help people", said Zinn.
The woman who made the statue heard about the theft and stepped in to help.
She found another statue and offered to give it to them for free.

"Oh my God it was wonderful it just floored me that someone could have that much care for Veterans", said Zinn.

The event is still scheduled to happen on April 6th.
Zinn says they already have the new statue but unfortunately it wont be painted in time for the ceremony.
But he's just happy to have some good come from something bad.

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