Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Fill jars with creepy gummy critters and make spooky labels to decorate the jars.

Leave fake recipes around your kitchen. Substitute regular ingredients with such things as eye of newt.

Use repositionable painting of the "Window color" type to decorate the window panes and to create Halloween environments: pumpkins, phantoms, spiders.

Create simple Halloween table centerpieces by stuffing latex or rubber gloves with cotton pads. Then stick them with artificial nails, rings, fur and draw scars, blood.

If you do not have much time to grant to the decoration of your house for the evening of Halloween you can quite simply replace the white bulbs by "black light" or orange or black bulbs. Put light bulbs of low intensity on the ground or light the objects from behind to create giant shades.

Buy insects, grass spiders, snakes, bats and rats, out of plastic. Place rats, spiders and grass snakes in unexpected places: corners, under tables etc. Suspend the bats from the ceiling and in the door frames.

Cover armchairs and sofas with large white cloths to give your house a "phantom" effect.

Suspend netted fabric in the corners of the room which you want to decorate and cover it with cotton wadding to create an cobweb effect.

Also place the netted fabric on the lamps (attention not to put fabrics too close to the electric bulbs) above the doors or to create a sinister and disconcerting atmosphere a little everywhere!

Collect dead branches. Make them hang with a wire in front of the entry door of the house. Hang them by two or three, so that they are making noise and moving with the wind.

Ask your florist to put aside the dead flowers for you. If they are not dry enough, suspend them the head down during a few days, in order to make them dry. Spary them with shiny black painting and fold some stems to create a morbid environment.

Take a large orange garbage bag and fill it with dead leaves. Ask the children to draw funny or scary faces. Make ribbons with another orange bag and using a string, fix them on the top to make hair.

Cut out large strips in some orange bags and fix them at the windows outside the house, the wind itself will animate and wave them. You can also install them on the entry door of the house.

Make bouquets with the dead leaves

Decorate the table or the dresser with dead leaves.

Make a heap of leaves and let some boots, a hat and gloves (which you will have stuffed of cotton pads) come out of it . Everyone will believe that there is really a person under the dead leaves!

Some suggestions courtesy: orenoque.com

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