Edward Washington's Friends Speak Out

A day after Wichita Falls police released the name of the officer involved in Friday night's fatal shooting ... some of 48- year- old Edward Washington's friends say they're skeptical about the investigation ... and they want answers.
  Police say Washington was shot after he led police on a chase and then confronted an officer.
    When we talked to Police Chief Dennis Bachman yesterday, he explained everything that goes into an investigation -- to avoid even the appearance of a cover- up, and that such investigations take a lot of time.
    But that did not satisfy many of Washington's friends  who have already formed their own theories.
   Larry Lawrence
Washington's Friend
"What I'm saying is that there's a major cover-up here. And if you look at the situation, it's easy to tell."

Wichita Falls Police Chief Dennis Bachman anticipated the questions, following Friday's officer-involved shooting fatality:
    Dennis Bachman
Wichita Falls Police Chief
    "I know the citizens are concerned maybe & they want to know answers, but a lot of times we don't have the answers. Our guys want to be thorough in their investigations. That's why it takes quite some time to do that."
    The chief pointed out the P.D. doesn't investigate alone:
   "We always call the D.A.'s office to come in and help us, & overlook our shoulders, so there's no question that we're trying to cover up & hide." 
    So far, police haven't been able to release many details of the investigation.  Many of Washington's friends have their own theories of what happened Friday night.
   "He ain't what they tried to paint. Edward was a coward, and I'll tell you why. When we were on Flood Street back in the early 80's, he got beat up countless times. And you know what? He wouldn't even fight back."
   Washington had a lengthy criminal record -- mostly involving theft and burglary ... But also for evading arrest, and a charge for aggravated assault on an officer -- which was apparently dropped.
   "So what do you say to people who'd say 'this guy had a prior record--'" "Yeah, yeah, he did ... You can't take somebody's criminal past - just cause he's a burglar - & say that he's an assaultive, combative person. That's not - that's unfair!  That is dirty."
    When an officer tried to pull Washington over ... police say he sped away.
    Aaron Bratcher
Washington's Friend
"We have white kids, black kids, that run from the law every day b/c they think it's a game. You know we grow up thinking it's a game - but now they're taking it as a killing sport -- it's--"  "but why would anyone think it's a game to run from the police?" "I mean, just growing up - not blacks, whites, people do things ... Edward was trying to straighten his life up. I can't say everything he's done in life was perfect, but Edward wasn't the type who deserved this right here. He didn't deserve this."
    Once the police investigations are complete,  it will also go before a Grand Jury.

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