Election Day in Wichita County

Before the sun was up, election officials and volunteers were already hard at work.

"As a retired person, I have the time to do it," said Charles Koster, the Election Judge for Precinct 41, "I think it's a responsibility of people for community service to do what they can, and that's basically why I do it."

With his team of 6 volunteers, Koster welcomed some of the first voters to cast their ballot in Wichita County.

"It is a duty, and it's also a privilege," explained Koster, "we should be proud that we have the opportunity to vote, because some people don't have that around the world."

Throughout the day, the 34 polling locations around Wichita County saw a steady stream of people, each casting a ballot for their own reasons.

Some for respect of country.

"For me, being military, it's a right I defend," said Jordan Walker, "So it's very important to me that I actually go do it."

Others voted hoping to see a change.

"I think this is the most important election that I've ever voted in," said Glenda Michael, "we just don't know which way our United States of America is going."

Whatever the reasons, officials said the important thing is they did vote.

"Everybody who has the right to vote should do it," said Koster, "if you want a good, pure election, you need everybody's opinion."

The more opinions are voiced, said officials, the stronger democracy we'll have.

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