Electra Water Restrictions Not Phasing Residents

One area town using Wichita Falls water has already moved to stage three restrictions; Electra.

But residents say conserving is not a big adjustment.

Electra has had numerous water problems over the past years, including their lake drying up.

So, some residents say conserving has become a way of life.

Officials say broken pipes caused by dry conditions have increased the need to conserve, causing leaks just about every day.

So officials say enacting more stringent water restrictions was the next logical step.

"We want to follow the guidelines of Wichita Falls and Iowa Park since they let us tie onto their water system so we would have water because our lake is dry and our wells at the river just won't keep up and both of those have been disconnected at this point," says Chief Greg Lynn, with the Electra Fire Department.

Since stage three water restrictions started Tuesday, Electra police say no citations or warnings have been given to violators.

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