Family Launches Sheridan's Sunshine Foundation

In November, we introduced you to Sheridan Bautista ... the eight-year-old Altus girl who was battling osteosarcoma.
    Doctors performed an extremely rare implant procedure in hopes of saving her leg ... and she went through chemotherapy.
    Sheridan's cancer came back ... and she died on Decemeber 8th.
    During treatment, Sheridan told her parents she wanted to start a foundation to help other kids who are going through cancer ...
    The school district is also getting behind Sheridan's Sunshine Foundation.
    "Sheridan on three!" "Sheridan!!"
She kind of became everybody's little sister ...
    Shelby Thompson & Bethany Cowart
Navajo High School Basketball Players
"Watching how young she was & how strong she was gave us so much encouragement."
    The basketball team dedicated their season to her.
   "Even though she's gone, she still makes a huge impact on our team."
    The "Sheridan Monkey" still goes everywhere with Sheridan Bautista's second grade class.
    Keira Richardson & Carson Miller
Sheridan's Classmates
   "It just reminds us of Sheridan. Kinda -- in class -- it just like takes Sheridan's place, cause she's not here with us in class."
    Sheridan's family rode an emotional roller coaster from her March diagnosis, to the revolutionary June surgery ... to her October relapse, and December death.
   Melinda Bautista
Sheridan's Mother
   "She told me several times, 'Mommy, are you crying?' and I said no, & she said, 'Well, there's no crying in this room. If you're gonna cry, you need to step outside.' That was just Sheridan. She was very brave."
   "I didn't want to see my baby sister leave."
   "When she was diagnosed, she asked us that day if she was going to die & we told her no -- & here we are without her. We just don't understand why these things happen, but for whatever reason, god called her home. And Jim & I are okay with that. We know where she is."
    Skylar Bautista
Sheridan's Brother
    "Everyone from the family was there, so we were surrounded by loved ones -- but it was really hard to look at, because she was asleep & so peaceful."
   "I was talking to a wife who said her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, & the first thing he said after diagnosis was, 'I can do this because Sheridan did.' That says it all. She was -- a strong little eight-year-old girl."
    Sheridan's family wants to honor her through Sheridan's Sunshine Foundation -- raising money to help other cancer kids.
   "She'd be very excited about the foundation. She'd probably be president & be running everything: 'Don't put that, put this -- that's not my motto!!'"
    Family members say they know they'll see her again:
   "She's still here." "Yeah." "She's still here.  She's not physically here, but -- her presence is here. We feel it all around." "Just the love everyone has for her just makes us feel really good."
    There are plenty of ways to get involved in Sheridan's sunshine foundation ...
    To learn more, click here.

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