Fire Fighters Conserve Water

Fighting fires is no easy task and that job becomes even more challenging as we get closer to stage 4 water restrictions.

Eddie Randle spoke with some fire fighters today and explains how they are jumping on the conserving bandwagon.

Officials with the fire department say they have been cutting back on water usage in many different ways.

But when it comes to actually fighting a fire water has to be used luckily they have taken advantage of chemical that helps conserve.

Wichita Falls Fire Fighters are getting ready for this years fire season.

But while under stage 3 water restrictions they are also having to conserve.

They have already cut back on water by eliminating the use of the popular resource during fire training sessions.

But they also have another way to conserve using class "A" foam.

"Basically by mixing the class "A" foam it allows our water to go further and we use less water", said Captain Tim Pierson with the WFFD.

Class "A" foam is a chemical that actually helps save water while fighting fires.

In the past fire fighters used a power pack to spray the foam but now they have access to this water saving chemical right from their truck.

"It's a tank built in and it actually mixes behind the pump and as it goes into the discharge it allows us to have that without having to carry around that pro pack", said captain Pierson.

Fire fighters say foam is used primarily on structures.

Captain Pierson says,"Its meant for all class "" combustibles which is wood, straw cotton".

Officials say when out on scene they use about 150 gallons of water per minute, by using the foam it decreases that number to 60 gallons per minute.

"We're all in this together, and the fire dept. is a large user of water when we do have a working structure fire so we need to to every bit of our part", said Captain Pierson.

In addition to the class "A" foam fire fighters have also used fire to fight fires by burning fuels and not using water at all.

But that strategy is mostly used when fighting wild fires.

They say they are trying their best to make every drop count.

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