Forum Terms Of Use, KFDX 3, KJTL 18, & Nexstar Broadcasting reserve the right to remove or edit any post at any time without explanation. Any user may be banned from any forum on at any time without warning or explanation. Once banned from forums you will be unable to use forums until we review your case. For case review you can e-mail, which will be the sole judge and all decisions are final. By posting a comment on forums you agree to the above rules of use as if you signed it. Here is a list of items not allowed in Forums
  1. profanity
  2. mature/adult imagery or text
  3. flames, insults, rude commentary
  4. pirated material that you do not have the rights to
  5. slanderous remarks about others, including talent and other users
  6. spam, including advertisements, gibberish, multiple instances of the same post
  7. links to other websites - sexual or racial slurs
If you would like a list of banned words e-mail your request to, KFDX 3, KJTL 18, Nexstar Broadcasting reserves the right to change these rules and the banned word list at any time for any reason without notice.

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